Statement of Purpose

Prehistoric Rocks

It is the purpose of Travel Bug Tours to achieve sustainable profitability, provide a livelihood for employees and lead the domestic, private tour industry in KwaZulu-Natal. We aim to achieve this by:

Providing Quality Private Tours At The Best Prices

Offering intimate, private and small-group tours of KwaZulu-Natal with a focus on quality discoveries and unique experiences. 

Having The Best Workplace

Providing employees with the best work environment possible with fair compensation, an industry education and ample opportunities to maximize their contributions and growth and to assume responsibility for their decisions and actions. 

Acting With Integrity


Conducting all operations and transactions with unflinching integrity and honesty. 

Being Flexible & Open


Maintaining continuous adaptability to change.

Exercising Social Responsibility 


Promoting recycling and reusing as well as practicing sustainable tourism by responding to the needs and issues of the communities within which we operate.

Enjoying What We Do


Enjoying every aspect of what we do and providing enjoyment to all who are involved with us. 

Valuing People

Appreciating the innate goodness and worth of people and by being thankful to every one of our clients.