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The Markets of Warwick Walking Tour (+/- 3 hours)

Embark on a sensory journey through the heart of Durban with our Markets of Warwick Walking Tour. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of this historic marketplace, where colors, aromas, and cultural richness come alive. Discover the stories behind each stall and let the Markets of Warwick unveil the authentic soul of Durban.


Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of Durban with our Markets of Warwick Walking Tour, a captivating journey through nine distinct markets that pulse between the city's transport hubs, catering to over 300,000 daily commuters.

Our adventure commences at the vibrant Victoria Street Market, a kaleidoscope of colors and aromas. From there, we traverse the road to the Zulu Traditional Bead Market, delving into the intricate artistry of Zulu craftsmanship. Journeying deeper into the markets, we encounter traditional African herbalists, bustling fresh produce stalls, and skilled tailors crafting exquisite African-inspired dresses.

As we stroll through this cultural haven, our path leads us to the Muslim Cemetery and a Catholic Church, each offering a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of faiths woven into the city's history. Our final return to the Victoria Street Market completes this odyssey, leaving you with an indelible connection to Durban's rich cultural mosaic. Join us for a walking tour that transcends markets – it's an immersion into the vibrant soul of Durban.


490 ZAR per person

This tour requires a minimum of 2 people to run. A surcharge of 50% will apply to solo travellers for the tour to run with only 1 person. This tour has a maximum group size of 8 people. 


  • 08h30 — Meet at Durban Botanic Gardens Parking Lot (Transfers can be arranged)

  • 08h45 — Drive to Victoria Street Market Underground Parking

  • 09h00 — Depart on foot for the Tour through the markets. 

  • 10h30 — Visit the Roman Catholic Church

  • 11h00 — Return to Victoria Street Market. 

  • 11h30 — Return to Durban Botanic Gardens


  • Tour guide

  • Bottled water (Still)


This tour visits an extremely busy part of the city and while we have not experienced any issues with regards to pickpockets, it is advisable to not wear flashy jewelry or carry expensive cameras or other electronics. 

This tour meets at the Durban Botanic Gardens, transportation can be arranged at an additional cost. 

The proposed itinerary, activities and accommodation are subject to change with minimal notice due to factors such as availability, adverse weather conditions, seasonal variations or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Nevertheless, we are committed to minimising any potential impact on your overall experience.

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